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The children at Push home were learning MS word, Power point and a little about the Internet all through the month of August. Internet seems to have fascinated them and they are in awe as they realize the power it holds. They show good progress in learning and they are putting their skills to test by creating MS word and Power point files on their own. The files they have created will be posted the next week.



Like the previous week, two other kids were ready to show their work to their tutor. As Ebi entered the room waving his hands and greeting the children, a gang of them welcomed him cheerfully and were telling him that they are ready to watch video made by their friends.

Ajay and Prem asked Ebi to play the videos that they have made and the others were eager to watch. Both Ajay and Prem made a very good video and they were appreciated by their tutor.

Ebi was very happy to see what these amazing kids have accomplished. He felt happy to see the outcome of his hard work. These videos prove that kids at push home have tremendous talents, with little hands on guidance they will shine in beautiful colours.

2010-02-15: How to make videos

Video editing

This Saturday, the kids at PUSH home were eagerly waiting for their tutor, as they were going to learn “HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO”. This was some thing totally new for them, so they expressed their excitement with broad big smiles and cheerful welcome to their teacher.

Ebi (their new tutor) had planned to take separate classes for boys and girls, as he could easily attend to every individual child in a more personal way. So this week, few girls (from 6th grade onwards) were picked. The class started with the introduction on “how to make a video”.

In general, children in and around 4th grade gain much of their learning from what they read, so having this in mind, Ebi asked each of them to take notes as he taught them.  As he dictated the step-by-step procedures involved in ‘video making’, the girls penned them in a notebook.  Then taking few sample images he practically taught them video making. Meanwhile, boys of the same age group were asked to take notes as well.  So they will find it easy to learn when they are taught the following week.

As the class was going on, the tiny tots were having a nice time playing with the toys contributed by our Swedish friends.  Each one was playing games of their own interest. And few of them were enjoying a very good nap.

Finally the class came to an end, after the girls were informed of a test the following week. Their tutor has asked them to be ready with some nice pictures and using them they will have to do a video using their creativity.

This sounds interesting! Let us see how the girls perform the test. See you in the next blog.

Below are the Photos taken by two of the Push home boys. They are very interested and are well-versed in photography.

20091205 Dreams unlimited

When you let your mind free it extends like an ocean, its depths and heights are unknown and mind turn out to be big like expanding universe. Things that you can see only in dreams, and when you try to make those things for others, creativity begins. The outcome of imagination could be an idea, a collection of words, digital vision, a product, music that touches your heart or a change in your attitude. Creativity is selfless and it is dreaming for others – to give more than they like and undiscovered happiness. Creativity is also making things that are not seen or felt before. Speculations in dreams bring innovative ideas to create things that are not seen or felt before – to make one feel like they never felt before.

Imagination has no limit and that was yesterday’s class. Issac done a fabulous design, he transformed the grassland to water; the solitary tree in water that was focused might have some hidden meaning. Design is an expression and can talk; it could even touch one’s heart.

The football player Ganesh wants to stand inside a stream flowing through woods, it is his dream. He asked me to take a full-size photo of him. He imagined how he would be standing in the water and he posed like that. He was moved to the computer, when the lasso tool selected him, with the help of move tool he jumped from his photo to the document carrying the picture of stream flowing through woods. His little wish was fulfilled within minutes.

Quick-witted Prem Kumar‘s dream is to stand before a big bungalow to pomp himself as rich. His image was recorded electronically – transferred – processed and he was standing before his dream bungalow.

Jothiraj took out a boat from an image using lasso tool. He placed that boat in another photo, which is a sea. He started dreaming how it would be if that boat sails in water. I was able to read his thoughts because his expressions are similar to that of mine while I dream. I opened the animations panel from the menu in Photoshop. And duplicated the boat 10 times, in each layer I kept the boat moved little forward, also in animation panel I made 10 frames, by hiding and making visible the layers according to the frames I did the animation for him. When I pressed the play icon the boat started to sail like a speed lounge.

I told them after finish learning Photoshop they can draw what they dreamed using Corel draw & illustrator and after that they can animate dreams using Flash. And finally they can become dream designers. What they have to do is to dream, dream and dream; all other things we will take care for them.

20091107 Creative ideas of kids

Although it’s heavy rain and flood yesterday I managed to go Push Home in time. When I went there all the children were in the main hall. In all other week-ends some youngsters will come there to take tuition and to play with those children.  As it’s showering heavily yesterday none of them came there. So the children were bored and are watching the rain. The pastor who is taking care of them went to hospital for dialysis treatment and he returned the home later in evening. He is very sick and he lay in a bed in the main hall, I noticed most of the time he is vomiting and suffering terribly because of the disease.

Apparently all of them thinking that no computer classes for yesterday, they thought I may not able to come. However they are all happy when they found me there. The other kids who were not learning computers also came to me and asked to take photographs of them. They presented themselves in different styles and were happy seeing their various snapshots. I gave the camera to one of my student who is in second batch and started the first batch class.

Until yesterday’s class the kids didn’t used guidelines or grids. I explained to them the importance of using rulers, guidelines and grids in Photoshop. Moreover I also trained them to use the lasso tools. Enabling the grids visible and using the polygonal lasso tool they selected a triangular area.

Together with me they created simple but awesome designs. Getting their creative ideas I helped them to draw a kite and that is their exercise for yesterday’s class. I also taught them to use the filter: twirl. They all understood the lessons well but for practice I had to hurry them because I need to give time to all the students for using the computer.

Their mind is fresh & open. I want to pass my knowledge limitless; to make them feel confident, happy & pride. By simplifying the lessons which are complex, I want to make them learn easily. In future I’ll help them to write their own blog – to express themselves more freely about their life, dreams & their experiences in learning computers.

20091031(Week 5): PUSH Home – Some photos taken by my students

PUSH Home Computer Classes

I’m Alwin and I work in I’m also teaching the basics of computers, Photoshop and Photography every Saturday’s to PUSH home kids for two years from now. I started this blog section to share about my experience in training them and about the students. I’ll update weekly with the events happening over there so please visit here every week for updates.