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Being encouraged by their tutor, four other boys came forward to do the practical test on “video making”.

Soon after their tutor arrived, the four boys sat in front of the pc and started to perform the test one after the other. They had their written notes in hand and with little guidance from their tutor they made videos out of their own creativity. The children enjoyed doing the videos on their own.

And finally, the boys (who performed the test) and their peers were delighted to see the handiwork. They received heartfelt appreciation from their tutor for their interest, participation and of course for the good work. The class concluded after the announcement of test for the girls the following week.


20091107 Creative ideas of kids

Although it’s heavy rain and flood yesterday I managed to go Push Home in time. When I went there all the children were in the main hall. In all other week-ends some youngsters will come there to take tuition and to play with those children.  As it’s showering heavily yesterday none of them came there. So the children were bored and are watching the rain. The pastor who is taking care of them went to hospital for dialysis treatment and he returned the home later in evening. He is very sick and he lay in a bed in the main hall, I noticed most of the time he is vomiting and suffering terribly because of the disease.

Apparently all of them thinking that no computer classes for yesterday, they thought I may not able to come. However they are all happy when they found me there. The other kids who were not learning computers also came to me and asked to take photographs of them. They presented themselves in different styles and were happy seeing their various snapshots. I gave the camera to one of my student who is in second batch and started the first batch class.

Until yesterday’s class the kids didn’t used guidelines or grids. I explained to them the importance of using rulers, guidelines and grids in Photoshop. Moreover I also trained them to use the lasso tools. Enabling the grids visible and using the polygonal lasso tool they selected a triangular area.

Together with me they created simple but awesome designs. Getting their creative ideas I helped them to draw a kite and that is their exercise for yesterday’s class. I also taught them to use the filter: twirl. They all understood the lessons well but for practice I had to hurry them because I need to give time to all the students for using the computer.

Their mind is fresh & open. I want to pass my knowledge limitless; to make them feel confident, happy & pride. By simplifying the lessons which are complex, I want to make them learn easily. In future I’ll help them to write their own blog – to express themselves more freely about their life, dreams & their experiences in learning computers.