Video projects are among the few projects that can engage a child. After two months of classes on ‘video making’, Ebi, their tutor wished to give the young minds a challenging task but at the same time a fun one. What could be more exciting for a child than to see his or her work on display?

So Ebi announced to his class, that every week, one of them should make a video and show it to him. When he asked who would volunteer the first week, all the hands in the class shot up. Finally it was decided that Ganesh would do the first video. The decision was not easy to make, as Ebi had a tough time convincing the other children why Ganesh is the one selected.

When Ebi entered the class this Saturday, Ganesh was there brimming with happiness and eagerly awaiting for him. Everybody including Ebi cudn’t wait to watch the video. As Ebi played the video for the class there was complete silence in the room.. As soon as the video ended, a loud cheer broke out in the room for Ganesh. Ganesh was all smiles seeing his work appreciated and applauded. Ebi felt it very rewarding, seeing the outcome of his hard work. At the end of the class Bhavani volunteered to make the next Video. So more to watch out for next week!!!!!!!!

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