New Tutor

This Saturday the “Push” home children were more excited than ever before. What made them wait so eagerly? It was the arrival of a new computer tutor, who will teach them something that they have not learnt or even aware.  Yes, the new tutor will help them learn photography, image and video editing, how to use Ms-Word, Power point etc. Isn’t it nice to know that the kids will learn something that is fun at the same time educational?  

The Photoshop classes taken by their old tutor came to an end after the kids have learnt the basics in Photoshop. From last Saturday, the kids were exposed to new syllabus.  Few children (from grade 5-8) were picked and were taught to do image editing. They were even given the introduction about video editing. Today’s class was an introductory class for their new tutor to get acquainted with them.   

Their new tutor was surprised to see the kids pick up the lessons so fast. He agrees that this makes it really fun to teach. It is interesting to know how much better kids interact with technologies that are new to them.  

From next week, this blog will be updated with the new experiences of these kids. In the near future we are also planning to conduct competitions like photography, picture editing etc 

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