Push home kids @ McDonald’s

The party hall of McDonalds at Annanagar in Chennai was decorated with balloons and glittering papers, cartoons and more for the children.

The kids came by a van from their place. When the kids saw McDonald restaurant they applauded and were ardent to get in because they have never been to a place like this before. To make them merry the McDonalds restaurant had arranged some games and entertainment for them.

All the events are arranged by Knutpunkten. The entertaining team started the party by giving crowns to all the kids and it had made them feel like king and queen. A girl named Deboki from the home was given the first chance to take photographs of the event. She is learning Graphic Designing course sponsored by Knutpunkten India.  Some of the staff of Knutpunkten took care of the kids through out the events.  The kids were served with coke and chocolates.

Around ten McDonald’s staff were involved to entertain the kids. To make the kids happy they gave big balloons to them, one of the balloons busted with sound in the hand of a kid which made him afraid. So they stopped distributing those big balloons to the kids.

The kids were taken to the kitchen of McDonalds’ by the crew batch by batch and were given an explanation about their food preparations and the hygienic they follow.

When they came back, they switched of the background music playing in the party hall and asked the kids to sing the songs they knew. Some of the kids went in front and started singing some beautiful songs, the staff of Knutpunkten India and others encouraged them by clapping hands.

Isaac one of the Graphic Designing students was taking photos and started recording the events. The girl’s of McDonald’s who were entertaining the kids gave a demo of the balloon game. The game’s rule is that the balloon kept in between two person’s tummy and should not burst when they walk around a particular distance.

The next game is passing the balloon. The entertaining girls will start clapping seeing the wall behind them and when they stop whoever is having the balloon is out and that person should do any activity the other kids ask. Like this the balloon game started and it was in the hands of Sunitha from the entertainment crew of McDonalds when the claps stopped. The hall got busted with laughter and the kids demanded Sunitha to come in front and dance. And again when she danced the sounds of laughter bells rose. Some kids and the girls danced together and the hall was filled with excitements.

The other customers of the restaurant started noticing the party area through the glass walls because of the happy noise of the kids which filled the whole restaurant.

After all those events, the kids were served a happy meal kit which includes a burger, french fries and a small musical keyboard as a gift. McDonald does usually give a toy with the kid’s meal which differs from day to day.

The kids took many photos by sitting before the Ronald McDonald statue which is kept at the entrance of the restaurant. All the photos were taken by the kids learning computer classes and photography sponsored by Knutpunkten.se.

After the party is over, and when the kids are about to leave, the staff of McDonald’s and the Knutpunkten India team gave a good send off to the kids by joining with them until the van to the roadside where it was parked. One of the male staff of McDonald’s asked the kids to shout with their full voice. With applauds from all of us and the kids the van took them to their home.

This is really a great experience for the kids and for us too.

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    • pev
    • December 23rd, 2009

    I think You and Knutpunkten celebrate real christmas. I feel greedy while reeding and saw these photographs. Keep it up.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    • Saritha
    • December 24th, 2009

    This kind of Celebration is called the real Christmas Celebration………..

    God would really bless you all for entertaining those kids, very few does these kind of celebration
    KEEP IT UP(Knutpunkten & McDonald’s Staff)


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