20091114 Digital Makeup for photos

So far the kids learned using the move, marquee and lasso tools. Yesterday’s class they made more using these tools with their photos. I taught them to apply feather to a selected area. They also learned to extract a selected area from an image. They worked with their own photos. They changed their eye color to green and their hair color to pink; darkened their eye brows and colored their lips. They adjusted the colors of the selected area by using the sliders in the hue saturation panel. They also merged different photos.

Yesterday they also had a competition. The team of youngsters visiting them every Saturday who will also take tuition to them arranged some games and they gave prizes to the kids. They were from an IT company based in Chennai and they will come most of the weekends to cheer the kids. They were also helping the pastor who is taking care of the home to get treatment and dialysis.

Yesterday one of the kids named Bhavani looked sad in the class with her eyes filled with tears.  She was speechless when I asked why she so sad. But her face became bright at the end of class.

    • Emil
    • November 16th, 2009

    As always this is the best thing about mondays. Thankyou Alwin for all that you are doing.

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