20091024 Bhavani and Prem Kumar created nice designs

I taught them only two Photoshop tools, but they used that ‘move’ & ‘marquee’ tools to make some fine designs. In the beginning of the class, I asked every student to do the exercises of previous class. They have good memory, to impress the lessons in their mind I taught it again with more examples and by using shortcut keys. In addition, I helped them to learn using shift & alt keys together with the mouse for efficient use of marquee tool. They created some comic creatures with their own imagination just by using marquee selection tool.

Bhavani from second batch created a nice design in her second Photoshop class and Prem Kumar from third batch done a wonderful cartoon. One kid named Mani watching this with interest asked me whether he can attend the class. He hadn’t attended any of the previous classes so it’s difficult for him to get along with other students so I said I’ll give him a special class or place him in the next batch of students. But he was disappointed because he was not able to work in that class. However, I don’t want him to be left out, so probably in the next class by giving him some special training I’ll include him in any one of the three batches.

    • Anette Lubi
    • October 27th, 2009

    Great hearing about the work ur doing with the children!

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