20091003: The first class is full of fun

After 2 hours journey by bus I reached the bus stop near PUSH home. From the bus stop I was taken to push home by Naveen a teenage boy from PUSH home.

Last week (26th September 2009) when I visited the home with my colleagues in Knutpunkten.se I conducted an introductory class for them. During the class I observed that 3 boys among the kids had basic computer knowledge. So for today (3rd October 2009) I had planned to start Photoshop classes for them. But those boys were more interested in playing football game as one volunteer is coaching them foot ball.

Though the boys went to play football I started the first session for girls, they were 3 and studying 6th standard in Government school. They don’t have any computer knowledge. After giving the introduction I taught some basics of computer operations like switch on/off and logging in the computer. Then I taught them about navigate to view files and folder.

I also taught them to use keyboard/mouse and for good practice of doing that I taught them to play Canyon Glider which is a computer game. Within an hour they learned all these things and started playing the computer game by their own.

While one student playing Canyon Glider game by her own, the other one supported her by giving ideas and I took the third one to teach photography. While she learned photography I let her play the Canyon Glider game and I instructed the other girl to take photos. Like this all the three girls spend equal time learning photography and practicing the game.

The girls were cheerful to see their photos and photo’s taken by them when I copied the files to the computer and showed them. I gave them some notes also.
Finally the girls were little unhappy to leave the computer as I started to teach the boys. The boys who return after football played asked me to teach them Canyon Glider game and photography. So I did the same for them, the boys learned more on using the camera like zooming and they took some nice outdoor shots also.

In the next class I planned to start Photoshop for the boys and for girls I’m going to teach more on computer basics.

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